Presentations & Publications

Williamson & Khaksari (2017), Patent Market Tracker: 2016 Key Trends
Innography whitepaper
Semiannual whitepaper analysis of patent divestitures and acquisitions between companies. Discusses sea-change in patent reassignments and possible causes. Also examines exemplary patent transactions in chemistry, physics, and medical markets.

Khaksari & White (2016), Patent Analysis; How to Avoid Pitfalls & Better Communicate Results
Licensing Executive Society, Webinar (2016-03-10)
Lecture and presentation on optimizing data visualizations for communicating results, including techniques for visual distillation, data-chart matching, public/private data matching, and multi-dimensional analysis.

Khaksari (2016), The Illuminati: Unmasking the Obscure Society of Innovators Driving Technological Innovation
Patent Information Users Group, Annual Meeting; Washington, VA
Presented research and methodology for leveraging patent inventor information to identify key innovators in a technology area, uncover corporate hierarchy, identify interdisciplinary efforts, and obscured patent holdings.

Khaksari (2016), 4D Charting: Rapid Insight Through Multi-dimensional Patent Analytics
Innography Insights 2016, Annual Conference; Austin, TX
Discussed evolution of charting and data visualization in the Patent Analytics sphere. Compared advantages and shortcomings of present visualization techniques, and demonstrated new and upcoming capabilities for real-time visualization in 3 and 4 dimension spaces using X, Y, Z, and Series components. Demonstrated use cases from diverse industries including Social Media, eCommerce, Energy, and Veterinary Sciences.

Khaksari (2016), Company Fields Introduction: Leveraging Secondary Data in Patent Analytics
Innography Insights 2016, Annual Conference; Austin, TX
Developed and discussed use cases for secondary patent data, including prosecution, monetization, annuity, and competitive intelligence information. visualizations. Demonstrated new product capabilities for storing and visualizing this data.

Khaksari (2016), The Future, Present; Automating IP Forecasting
Fleming Annual Conference; Boston, MA
Presented new analytical frameworks based on advances in data integration between patent analytics, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and IP Management Systems (IPMS).

Khaksari & Trippe (2016), The Art and Science of Competitive Intelligence
Licensing Executive Society, Webinar (2016-03-10)
Lecture and presentation on identifying key markets, innovations, innovators, partnerships, spinoffs and R&D intensity using a combination of financial statement analysis and patent analytics, with a case study on using analytics to predict M&A outcomes. 

Duck-Lafrenz & Khaksari (2015), IP Visualization, Interpretation & Best Practices
Innography NorthEast Insights 2015; Whippany, NJ
Presented history of visualization, techniques for graph interpretation, visualizing patent data, and adapting visualizations to mobile devices.

Khaksari, Martin, & Duck-Lafrenz (2015), IP Markets: China, Change, Opportunity, & Risk
Exploration of patent law in China, trends in market size, patent filings, and government incentives. Examines patent enforcement and invalidation in China. Authors identify the largest patent domestic and international filers within China, followed by a discussion of opportunities and risks.

Khaksari (2015). Competitive Intelligence, Novel Techniques & Data.
Innography Insights 2015; Austin, TX
Research results & methodology presentation. Identified and demonstrated techniques for solving problems common to patent analysis, including chronology, morphology, lineage, and transfer. Presented novel technique for connecting patent data, via inventor, to other publicly available data.

Longsworth, Petrie, Khaksari, & Wojnicki (2014). Monetization - The New Paradigm, Harvesting Your IP (Panel)
Centerforce IP Strategy Summit; New York, NY
Panel discussed changing dynamics of patent practitioners in corporate settings. Especially, the move from IP departments from cost to profit centers, opportunities and pitfalls, and tools for performing the work. 

Curro, Martin, & Khaksari (2014). Practitioner's Guide to patent Analysis: Strategies Using Keywords, Maturity, & Excel.
Reviewed multiple types of patent search, along with strategies for each, including patent search types and benefits, maturity checks to determine portfolio strength and competitive analysis and excel tips for large dataset analysis.

Khaksari (2014). Forecasting the Future; Extending Historical Data with Patent Metadata
Innography Insights 2014; Austin, TX
Presented a methodology and framework for identifying trends in Non-Patent Literature (NPL) (WHO, World Bank, Clinical Trails, etc) and extending these through predictive patent analytics.

Khaksari (2013). Strategy & Classification; Leveraging Machine Classifiers to Identify Strategic Intent
Innography Insights 2013; Austin, TX
Led discussion and presented findings on the importance of standard vs custom technology taxonomies, and new, cost-effective techniques for applying business lingua franca to patent literature. 

Khaksari (2013). Advanced Data Mining; Solutions to Common IP Analysis Problems
Innography Insights 2013; Austin, TX
Presented best practices and tools based on field evidence gathered in the preceding year. Especially cleansing and joining large datasets, and building whitespaces from differential taxonomic analyses.